Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Help questions while on paternity leave

Nick is getting into a regular schedule now at the ripe old age of six days, so I should be able to find time every day to respond to some questions regarding class material. I will try and respond daily, so check back every day if you post a question. Mr. Aversa is doing a wonderful job helping you out, and has been giving me good reviews about your progress thus far. Remember to work diligently in class every day, keep up with your records and homework, and follow the strategies for success whenever you are working. To ask a question, post a comment by clicking on "comments" below, leave your first name or initial (NO LAST NAMES) and class (chemistry 1 or chemistry AP), and then leave a clear question that could be answered by me in a couple of sentences. Make sure to identify yourself somehow, so I can address your question directly. I have posted an example of a question and a response below.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Episode 4 of BaLiCKI's Science Class Podcast

Listen to two (now former) Chemistry 1 students discuss their environmental investigator project. In this project, SC and CR learned about greenhouse gases, their impact on the environment, and possible approaches towards regulating their future uses.

episode 4