Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fifth episode of BaLiCKI's Science Class Podcast

Well, sort of. Even better than hearing me talk, is hearing a student talk. Listen to Adam and Stephen from the green section explain the development of the atomic model. Please give warm & cool feedback using the criteria for the websites/webquests. You can also subscribe to this, and hear past episodes by subscribing to the podcast by typing "balicki" into the search bar at the itunes store.
Episode 5

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Give your classmates feedback

Give your classmates two pieces of warm feedback and two pieces of cool feedback after you explore their project (read their website, complete their webquest, listen to their podcast, etc...)
Your post should be in this format:
List the names of the group members you are reviewing, their project format (website, movie, etc.)
List your names.
Two pieces of warm feedback. This feedback should be specific, and phrased like "I liked that you..."
Two pieces of cool feedback. This should also be specific, and should be phrased like "For improvement, I would suggest..." Be polite and constructive with cool feedback.